World War II Battles

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Operation Fall Weiss (1939) – German Invasion of Poland.
Operation Dynamo (1940) – Dunkirk Evacuation.
Operation Seelöwe (“Sealion”) (1940) — planned German invasion of Britain.
Operation Compass (1940) — British counteroffensive in North Africa.
Operation (1941) – Allied reinforcement of Greece.
Operation Demon (1941) — evacuation of Allied troops from Greece.
Operation Battleaxe (1941) — Unsuccessful British attack on Axis forces in North Africa to relieve Tobruk.
Operation Archery (1941) — British commando raid on Vågsøy, Norway.
Operation Rutter: (August 1942) – Planned British invasion of Dieppe, France.
Operation Supercharge: (1942) – British and Commonwealth attack on El Alamein, Egypt.
Operation Gymnast (1942) — early name for Operation Torch— Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria.
Operation Sledgehammer (1942-1943) – first name for planned cross-channel invasion of France.
Operation Vulcan (1943) — Final Allied assault on Axis forces trapped around Tunis.
Operation Husky (1943) — Allied invasion of Sicily.
Operation Avalanche (1943) — Allied landings near Salerno, Italy.
Operation Bolero (1943/1944) — build-up of American forces in Britain for Allied invasion of France.
Operation Shingle (1944) — Allied landings at Anzio.
Operation Roundup, later named Operation Overlord: 1944 – Allied invasion of Normandy, France (Operation Neptune).
Operation Anvil (1944) — Allied invasion of Southern France. Name later changed to Dragoon.
Operation Market Garden (1944) – Unsuccessful Allied attempt to secure bridges over the main rivers of Netherlands.
Operation Plunder (1945) — Allied crossing of the Rhine.